Time Trials Returns!

Time Trials is a leaderboard for endgame speedruns of BL3 content at max level Mayhem 10/11. The content includes Takedowns, Raid bosses, Circles of Slaughter, and Proving grounds all as separate categories. Of course, each character is separate as well, meaning there are lots of different categories to get your name on.

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Timing Your Run:

1) Timer starts on TAKEDOWN START and ends on TAKEDOWN COMPLETE
2) For Hemovorus; Begins on breaking the mysterious pod and ends on killing both Hemo and Vermivorus
3) For Arenas: Begins on pushing the plunger/button to start Round 1 and ends on ROUND 5 COMPLETE on screen., and when Red Rain and Blue Fire are both killed in Slaughterstar 3000. Slaughter Star 3000 should be run on a fresh save quit. You cannot start it, fail, and run again. Nor fast travel in and out. Save quit within the map for every attempt.
4) For Proving Grounds; Use the in-game timer to indicate start and end on the Boss dying. Trials are done on base setting, not true Trials.
5.) For Scourge and Wotan; Begin at cutscene end/regaining controls and end on TAKEDOWN COMPLETE. And after the kill, please remember to fast travel to the start of the map after to show that the true switch has been enabled.


1.) No glitches or exploits (topped off stacking, no knockback glitch, excessive phasewhiff spamming etc)
2.) No Out of Bounds or skipping encounters intended to be mandatory. (Platforms must begin spawning before continuing)
3.) Full video proof must be provided, quality does not matter as long as it's viewable, and audible. If you wish to edit out the original audio, provide a link to a separate version with unedited audio for verification purposes
4.) Video must show; all gear used, skill spec, Guardian Rank and Mayhem mode either before or after the run
5.) No use of 3rd party tools to assist the run (Cheat engine, BL3HM, etc)
6.) No pre-run map prep may be done (placing autobear in the takedown, lowering the MTD lift and resetting, etc)
7.) Both Mayhem 10 and 11 may be used (Excluding mayhem modifiers in the bans section)
8.) No pushing Anathema off the map
9.) Guardian Rank is allowed as it's hard capped in BL3
10.) Events (Cartels, Bloody Harvest, Broken Hearts) are not allowed
11.) No science boosters or Moxxtails

Ban List:

1.) Complex Root
2.) Speed Demon (Easy Mayhem Modifier)
3.) Big Kick Energy (Easy Mayhem Modifier)

4.) Galaxy Brain (Easy Mayhem Modifier)
5.) Unleash The Dragon (Artifact)

- Mayhem modifier bans are designed to keep M10 and M11 on equal pace, and just there to help enable interactions for certain builds.

Clarity on phase whiffing: As long as a proper attempt is made for grasps to land on a target. The objective here is to disallow gaining the advantage of kensei, phasezerker, or driver while bypassing cooldown.